In order to complete and submit this application, you must have read and understood our Guidance for funding requests’.

Please note that the closing dates for applications are February 28th, May 31st and November 30th.  Please ensure that your application is made well in advance of the proposed visit/activity as the allocation meetings take place a week after each closing date and the charity does not make retrospective grants.


  • All applications must be made through the school or appropriate educational organisation. 
  • Applications made by parents WILL NOT be eligible.
  • The increasing number of applications for our limited funds means that we must receive full details of the costs involved in your planned activity together with the degree of financial need among the potential participants.
  • We will not ordinarily fund more than £500 for an individual or £1,000 for a group application.
  • We ask that you provide a brief summary explaining how your Grant will be used.
  • It is also a part of the conditions for receiving funding that you provide a report of how your grant was spent and the benefits gained.


Guidance Notes

The Sylvia Short Educational Charity works hard to support those in greatest need of financial assistance.  Our funds are limited and requests for funding often outweigh our available resources.  Please ensure that you make the strongest case for funding and the impact it will have.


We will not ordinarily fund more than £500 for an individual application or over £1,000 for a group application.

The objective of the Sylvia Short Educational Charity is to promote education by the making of grants for fieldwork and extracurricular studies to persons who;

  • Are aged between 4 – 19 or those who have an EHC ( Education, Health and Care Plan) are eligible to apply for grants up to age 25.
  • Are in need of financial assistance; and
  • Are attending school or college in Herefordshire


Applications may be made by individual pupils or students in full time or part time education in Herefordshire and MUST be supported by a senior staff member of the school or relevant organisation.

Examples of what we will consider for funding:

  • Purchase of essential books and equipment to assist study.
  • Fees for additional courses of study or examination fees not generally borne by the local authority or available through state provision.
  • Overseas work experience.
  • Musical instruments.

All applications to the charity must be made through the school or appropriate organisation.  Applications from parents WILL NOT be eligible.


Applications by schools, colleges and other appropriate educational organisations to benefit groups should be based on extra-curricular or off-site educational experiences or related needs.

Organisations should distinguish and identify by number those in specific financial need.

Examples of what we will consider for funding:

Fieldwork and local environmental projects.
Visits to art galleries, theatres, concerts, exhibitions, environmental centres, places of historic/architectural interest.
Cultural or foreign language exchanges or courses.
Equipment for after-school clubs, based on the academic curriculum.
The purchase of fieldwork equipment to facilitate educational experiences.